Frequently Asked Questions


Answers to the most commonly asked questions about counseling services

The common misconception is that therapy is for people who are  “crazy” or people who aren’t saved. In actuality, therapy is for anyone who feels stuck.  If you are unsure of how to work through difficult situations in your life, therapy can help. If you want to improve the quality and depth of your relationships, therapy can help. If you simply want to vent to someone who will listen and not judge you, a therapist can be that person.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment, or if you have any questions, you can call me at 248.469.8210, send me a message through my contact form, or email me at

First we will have a brief phone consultation, where I can listen to your concerns and for both of us to determine if working together would be a good fit. We will then set your appointment for a session at my Farmington Hills location. Based on the information you provide, I will make recommendations for the focus, frequency and length of counseling.

The strategies and approach used during counseling will be determined by your specific goals. I will help you develop a plan  to reach your desired goals. 

Counseling continues until you believe you have met your goals for the time being. No matter what brings you to counseling, most people walk away feeling more confident, free and supported as a result.

All of my clients are instructed to call 911 and/or proceed to the nearest hospital in the event of an emergency. I am available by phone and e-mail during business hours.

I am currently in the office on Fridays and Saturdays with appointments available from 10am to 6pm.

I offer in-office counseling sessions from my Farmington Hills office, walk and talk therapy sessions in Metro Detroit as weather permits, as well as video or phone counseling sessions to residents of Michigan.

Client information will be kept completely confidential. No details about clients or information shared within a session will be disclosed without written consent from the client. However, there are three situations in which I will have to fulfill my legal duties as a mandated reporter:

  1. Threat of harm to one’s self or another person;
  2. Cases of suspected or demonstrated elder abuse; and
  3. Cases of suspected or demonstrated child abuse.

I will make every effort to inform clients of my duty to act should any of these situations arise yet a guarantee cannot be made about prior notification if I feel I need to report suspected harm.